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Opening Celebrations April 2019

On 5 April 2019, the Klassik Stiftung Weimar will open the neue bauhaus museum along with the new permanent exhibition „Departure into Modernity“ at the Neues Museum. The 100th anniversary of the founding of the school for architecture and design will be celebrated at numerous events during the opening month of April. The Bauhaus festival of the two Weimar universities is planned. Runners and spectators can participate in the Bauhaus Marathon. For dance enthusiasts, there will be a ballet evening centered around the Bauhaus theme.

Highlights 2018/2019

21 March to 27 March 2020

The Bauhaus in the case-files

The state archive of Thuringia presents the original documents of the Bauhaus.

1. April to 29. September 2019

See the Witnesses

For several years, the Weimar photographer Thomas Müller portrayed former prisoners of the Buchenwald concentration camp. For the opening of the Bauhaus anniversary year, large-format photo portraits in public areas are meant to be both a confrontation and an invitation to pause and reflect.

10. April bis 24. Juli 2019

Die Bauhausbücher

Die Universitätsbibliothek Weimar zeigt im Jubiläumsjahr eine Ausstellung zu den »Bauhausbüchern«. In einer großen Schau werden die 14 Bände, die zwischen 1925 und 1930 in der Reihe des Münchner Albert Langen Verlag erschienen sind, für Besucherinnen und Besucher erlebbar gemacht.

June to September 2019

Kahla Kreativ "Tasting Tomorrow"

The exhibition at Belvedere Palace offers the opportunity to examine the experiments surrounding porcelain and the subject of dining. During the anniversary year, there will be many references to the Bauhaus.

8. June to 22. September 2019

From Shirts to Sack Dresses

The special exhibition at the Stadtmuseum Weimar will show women’s fashion between the Goethe- and the Bauhaus-eras.

07 Dec 2018 till 06 Jan 2019

Studio100 at the Kunsthalle

The exhibition showcases 100 works by past and present students of contemporary design institutions over 100 days. Readings, lectures and performances accompany the presentations on our specially created Bauhaus stage.

Bach Biennale Weimar

During the Bach Biennale Weimar you may experience his music at the historical and by this most authentical places. With the Bauhaus-anniversary Bachs connection to the Bauhaus-masters will be the topic of this musical experience.

11. to 14. July 2019

summaery 2019

The Bauhaus University Weimar celebrates with the whole city when they put on their annual show each summer. Successful final projects, exhibitions, performances, readings and presentations.

August and September 2019

Radiophonic Spaces

Visual artists along with writers, composers or theatre people have always worked with the possibilities offered by the medium of radio. The exhibition by the Bauhaus University introduces fleeting radio art into the museum space, connecting two worlds that are closer together than it may seem.

16. Auagust to 17. November 2019

Speech Renewal!

At the Bauhaus, experiments with speech were just as elementary and compositional as those with colors, forms and building materials. The ACC-Gallery calls for: Speech Renewal! And brings contemporary literates, lyricists and other writers and artists to Weimar.

17. August to 2. September 2018

Kunstfest Weimar

With the project „Hitze Kälte Apparate. Bauhaus – Versuche im Gleichgewicht” (“Heat Cold Apparatus. Bauhaus – Experiments in Balance“, the Kunstfest poses questions and brings us up to date on how the Bauhaus experimentally developed its dynamic-constructive program of new balances and utopian daily...

26. September 2019

Voices of the People

German folksongs and international song repertoire will come alive in this unusual project by MAYBEBOP and the Staatskapelle Weimar. For the Bauhaus anniversary, the song mix invites the audience to take a journey into the past and the future.

26. bis 29. September 2019

Triennale der Moderne

Die Initiative »Triennale der Moderne« beabsichtigt ein überregionales Netzwerk Moderne aufzubauen und damit die Bauten und Verflechtungen der Avantgarde des frühen 20. Jahrhunderts stärker ins öffentliche Bewusstsein zu heben.

27. September 2019

Bauhaus and musical Modernism in the Weimar Republic and Israel

There are many insights about the Bauhaus artists and exceptional musicians of all periods. Up until now, the influence of the Bauhaus on musical Modernism in Palestine of the 1930s and Israel has received little attention. The Hochschule für Musik FRANZ LISZT addresses this subject.

27-29 September 2019

6th international symposium on architecture studies and BUKO 2019

Participants at the 2019 BUKO address the issue of contemporary teaching for a new generation, and the responsible roles of architects, artists and designers when it comes to educating this new generation in maturity and social involvement.

29. September 2019

The bauhaus museum in concert – sounding like Utopia

The area around the neues bauhaus museum will become a movie screen and orchestra stage. The multimedia project with the Bundesjazzorchester (National Jazz Orchestra) combines a newly composed concert program with films by selected Bauhaus masters.

Architecture and Music

The Bach Biennale Weimar begins the festival season with the prelude of the Bauhaus year. The successful format places unusual emphasis on the connection between classical concert forms and creative new creations.

12 October 2019 to 12 January 2020

Mathilde von Freytag-Loringhoven (1860–1941)

This special exhibition is about an artist and a writer Methilde von Freytag-Loringhoven, who criticised the Bauhaus movement as too radical for the bourgeois artists.

22. June 2019

Bauhaus Ball

The early Bauhaus celebrated in manifold ways: with theatre, opera, parodies and dance. The Thuringian Dance Academy will continue on in this spirit with their fulminant summer night ball in the Weimarhalle.