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Bach in Weimar: the place of experience

In the Bastille of the City Palace, you can experience the newly created "Bach in Weimar" experience space, a freely accessible presentation that provides information about the important years of the musician Johann Sebastian Bach in Weimar. The experience space tells about Bach's ten-year stay in Weimar and lets the works of the world-famous composer be heard. An expansive wall graphic, a screen and illustrated text panels form different levels of information. The entire ensemble surrounds a wall panorama that offers a view of authentic Bach sites in Weimar, including Bach's former residence at Markt 16 or his workplace in the city palace together with the "Himmelsburg" palace chapel, which has been destroyed since 1774. The illustrations are reminiscent of ink drawings and transport you into Bach's world. Interaction triggers a transformation, the music changes, the illustrations come to life and open another shop window into early modern Weimar. Themes include Bach's extensive activities at the Weimar court, his rise from court organist to concertmaster, the turbulent life in a family with many children, social contacts within Weimar as well as Bach's decision to leave for Köthen and the associated arrest in the Bastille.



The venue is currently closed.


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