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Goethe and Schiller Archive


After the death of Goethe’s last grandchild Walther von Goethe on April 15, 1885, the poet’s estate passed to Grand Duchess Sophie of Saxe-Weimar and Eisenach as stipulated in Walther’s will. The Grand Duchess founded the Goethe Archive in the same year. In 1889, Schiller’s inheritance was donated to the archive by his grandson and great-grandson. The archive has borne the name »Goethe and Schiller Archive« ever since.

Grand Duchess Sophie had the current archive built between 1893 and 1896 to accommodate the rapidly growing collection; both the ducal family and the Goethe Society founded in 1885 contributed to this expansion. Until the beginning of World War I, the archive was home to 35 inheritance, together with the eponym further from the classic time (including Herder, Wieland, Knebel or Bertuch).

In the first decades of its existence, the Archive’s most important task was the creation of the Sophie or Weimar edition of Goethe’s works, which was initiated by Grand Duchess Sophie and which appeared between 1887 and 1919 in 4 parts comprising 143 volumes.


Three large rooms on the first floor comprise the centrepiece of the building. The middle room is used for temporary exhibitions featuring original manuscripts from the archive. The room on the right is the manuscript reading room and the room on the left is reserved for special events.

The gardens surrounding the building offer visitors an ideal place to walk and relax. And from the terrace, one can enjoy a wonderful view of Weimar’s historic downtown.

Individual visitors are welcome to see the archive anytime during opening hours. Advance registration is only necessary for larger tour groups.


opening hours

Monday - Friday
10am - 6pm

Sat - Sun
11am - 4pm

closed on 24 December


Jenaer Straße 1
99423 Weimar
Fon: 03643 / 54 52 40

Parken: Hans-Wahl-Straße
1 Behindertenparkplatz am Gebäudeeingang

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Veranstaltungssaal im OG "Petersen-Bibliothek": Glastüren 95 cm breit, mobile Stuhlreihen, umfangreiche technische Ausstattung


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