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Herzogin Anna Amalia Bibliothek


The Herzogin Anna Amalia Bibliothek (Duchess Anna Amalia Library) is one of the most famous libraries in Germany. Anna Amalia had the 'Green Palace' turned into a library comprising a unique combination of books, an art collection and architecture. The Rococo Hall is especially famous. On the evening of September 2nd 2004, a devastating fire broke out in the original building of the Herzogin Anna Amalia Library and developed into the largest library fire in Germany since WW II.

The historical building, which belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage, was damaged by fire and water, and the third floor and the attic were completely destroyed. During the night of the fire and the following days, more than nine hundred helpers evacuated tens of thousands of books and art works out of the building and from under the rubble left after the fire. Large parts of the valuable collection were maintained, to which medieval autographs, incunabula (early printed books dating from before 1500), globes and maps belong, as well as the largest Faust collection in the world and Nietzsche's private library. Of the 50,000 burned volumes, about three quarters are estimated to be replaceable on the long term.


Due to conservational reasons, the number of visitors is limited and the Rococo Hall can only be visited with fixed timeslots. Admission tickets are sold out a long time in advance - the current waiting list is approximately five months. A small number of contingency tickets (ca. 50) is reserved for individual visitors who wish to buy tickets on the day of their visit. These are only available from 9.00 am at the box office in the historical library building. Please be aware that these tickets may be sold out due to high demand.

We recommend that groups reserve their tickets well in advance. Tickets for individual visitors and groups can be ordered from the visitor information centre. The historical building of the Herzogin Anna Amalia Bibliothek is largely accessible for the disabled. However, some restrictions are necessary for conservational reasons.



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Opening hours

single visitors:
Tue - Sun 9.30am -2.30pm

registered groups:
Tue - Sun 3pm, 3.30pm and 4pm

Advance booking regulation at the Tourist Information Weimar: Advance booking for the next 3 days only (time slot tickets). Available time slots from 11am, daily.


Herzogin Anna Amalia Bibliohek
Platz der Demokratie 1
99423 Weimar
Fon: 03643 / 54 54 00
Fax: 03643 - 41 98 16
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Bus: Goetheplatz alle Linien, Wegstrecke 650 m; temporär Citylinie direkter Haltepunkt

2 Behindertenparkplätze Markt 15/16, Wegstrecke 100 m
2 Behindertenparkplätze Burgplatz, Wegstrecke 130 m

Menschen mit Sehbehinderung / Hörbehinderung: Assistenzhunde eingeschränkt erlaubt, mobile Hörschleifen zur Nutzung der Audioführungen, Begleithefte zur Audioführung, Voranmeldung für spezielle Führungen

Eingang: 1 Steinstufe,
zur Kasse über 5 Stufen mit Handlauf

Seiteneingang für Rollstuhlnutzung nur in Begleitung des Personals: über Rufsäule ind Gegensprechanlage zum Hublift / Plattformlift 120x135 cm

Kasse, Information, Shop, Ausstellung im EG: Counter / Tresen 100 cm hoch, 5 Stufen mit Handlauf, bei Rollstuhlnutzung zum EG über Hublift / Plattformlift 83x142 cm, Traglast 300 kg, nur in Begleitung des Personals

Aufzug / Lift: Taster 80 cm hoch, Türöffnung 89 cm, Kabine 135x100 cm, Tastatur 80 cm hoch, taktile Schrift, Ton- und Lichtsignal

Rokokosaal: über Aufzug / Lift erreichbar, Schutzüberwürfe für Greif-Rollstuhl wegen des historischen Holzfußbodens, Elektro-Rollstuhl daher nur mit Einschränkung

Behinderten-WC im UG: schmalste Durchgangsbreite 110 cm, Türgriff 100 cm hoch, Tür 83 cm breit mit Zuziehstange, Bewegungsfläche 130x120 cm, WC 46 cm hoch und 70 cm tief, Haltegriffe beidseitig klappbar mit Zwischenabstand 65 cm, Bewegungsfläche links 75 cm und rechts 88 cm, Waschbeckenhöhe 82 cm unterfahrbar, Notrufklingel


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