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Roman House

The temple-like construction gives the impression of having been built on the ruins of an ancient edifice. Inspired by the villas surrounding Rome, the Roman House has the status of a classical show home embodying Goethe's architectural theories which developed in the light of his journey to Italy.

The Roman House was renovated throughout 1999 and was left unfurnished as the original furnishings could not be reconstructed. Today this allows an unhindered view of the classical interior. The areas open to visitors include the atrium, which also served as a dining room, the Blue Salon, the scene of social celebrations, and the Yellow Salon, which was the Duke's study. The adjoining rooms were used as bedrooms and dressing rooms. An exhibition in the basement shows how the park on the river Ilm has been being developed since the late 18th century.


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Closed till May 5th

From May 5th: Wed - Mon: 10.00am - 5.00pm

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Römisches Haus
Park an der Ilm
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