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91. Markets & festivals  
… Wine fest August 25th- 28th 2022 Wine fest is the focal point of Weimar's Goethe Birthday celebrations, visitors flocking to Frauenplan to raise their glasses and drink a toast.  
92. fountains - Herder Fountain  
…Herder Fountain This cast-iron fountain was modelled based on the Goethe Fountain. It, too, was made by Clemens Wenzeslaus Coudray a famous Weimar architect.  
93. City Castle  
… left standing. Duke Carl August convened a palace construction commission under the direction of Goethe. In 1816, Clemens Wenzeslaus Coudray started planning the west wing; construction work on this wing…  
94. Christmas Market Weimar  
… 23rd he iceskating area on Theaterplatz opens and invites small and big kids to skate around the Goethe and Schiller monument.   
95. Top Ten - 9. Evening programs  
…9. Evening programs ... at the German National Theatre Weimar that Goethe founded more than 200 years ago as a court theatre.  
96. Park Holzdorf  
… Park Holzdorf The garden of Goethe's contemporary and publisher Friedrich Justin Bertuch was redesigned in 1932. Since then, the characteristic features of a public park such as a sports field, outdoor swimming…  
97. Park at the weimarhalle  
…In 1932, the garden belonging to publisher Justin Bertuch, a contemporary of Goethe, was rearranged. Features typical of public parks of the day were added such as playing fields, an open-air swimming pool and other…  
98. Classical Weimar: the Golden Age of Weimar  
… Weimar witnessed a remarkable cultural flowering, attracting many writers and scholars, notably Goethe and Schiller.  
99. Markets & festivals  
… Flower Market May 2022 "There's a lack of flowers in the area", wrote Goethe, a few weeks after Easter, flower-growers and horticulturalists meet up at the Flower Market!  
100. Classical Weimar  
… to the old town and will lead you to the highlights of the classical era and the places where Goethe, Schiller, Herder, and Wieland worked.  
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