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1221. Friendly & competently  
[Translate to English:] Tourist-Information Weimar Tourist Information at Markt 10 is the first port of call for visitors to Weimar - and is also popular among local residents! The staff can help you with all your touris  
1222. Railway museum  
Railway museum This unique museum showcases over 30 different steam trains, diesel trains and electric trains. The majority are diesel and electric trains which were operated by the former Deutsch  
1223. Weimar Haus  
Weimar Haus This multimedia adventure museum depicts a journey through five millennia of Weimar history. Worlds consisting of special effects, elaborate scenery, wax figures and multimedia prese  
1224. Kunsthalle Harry Graf Kessler  
Kunsthalle Harry Graf Kessler In the former "Grand Ducal Museum of Arts And Crafts" founded by the patron of arts Count Harry Kessler, (1903-1906 Director), works of French impressionist  
1225. Bach in Weimar: the place of experience  
Bach in Weimar: the place of experience In the Bastille of the City Palace, you can experience the newly created "Bach in Weimar" experience space, a freely accessible presentation that  
1226. German Bee Museum  
German Bee Museum Honey is especially sweet when you eat it, and the wonderful world of bees is especially interesting as soon as you discover it. It is remarkable, that Weimar, the city of Germ  
1227. Museum of the Earliest and Ancient History of Thuringia  
Museum of the Earliest and Ancient History of Thuringia A complex picture is drawn for the period of 400.000 years of Thuringian history, not only the material culture but also the natural environ  
1228. Kirms-Krackow-House  
Kirms-Krackow-House One of the oldest houses in Weimar, Kirms-Krackow House is an important reminder of the many convivial get-togethers in classical and post-classical Weimar. The furnishings re  
1229. Liszt House  
Liszt House In the summer months from 1869 until 1886, Franz Liszt stayed in the former Court Market Garden at the entrance to the park and gave piano lessons to his international students. The  
1230. Albert-Schweitzer-Memorial  
Albert-Schweitzer-Memorial This memorial was established in honor of the humanist Albert Schweitzer. You can discover more about this extraordinary person at this exhibition. Information Open  
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