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11. monuments - Hafis-Goethe Monument  
…Hafis-Goethe Monument "Those who know themselves and others will also realise that Orient and Occident can no longer be separated." Unveiled in the year 2000, the two chairs recall Goethe's encounter with the…  
12. Wine fest - Drink a toast to Goethe  
…Drink a toast to Goethe Surrounding Goethe's birthday on 28 August, this year's Wine Festival will be celebrated at Marktplatz - organised by the Thüringische Landeszeitung with municipal support. The jovial wine…  
13. Goethe Gartenhaus  
… History The former vineyard cottage in the Park on the Ilm was the first home acquired by Johann Wolfgang Goethe in Weimar in 1776, a few months after his arrival in Weimar, together with the surrounding garden. The…  
14. Goethe national museum - Goethe's Residence with National Museum  
Goethe's Residence with National Museum  
15. Goethe walking trail  
…The 28-kilometre walking trail runs between Weimar and Kochberg Castle. Goethe would often hurry there to visit his confidante Charlotte von Stein. Today it is a well-signposted trail through richly contrasting scenery.  
16. Goethe Gartenhaus  
…Bought for Goethe by the Duke, the poet lived here until moving to the house on Frauenplan. A place of refuge for Goethe, after his death it became a shrine for his admirers.  
17. Goethe and Schiller Archive  
… History After the death of Goethe’s last grandchild Walther von Goethe on April 15, 1885, the poet’s estate passed to Grand Duchess Sophie of Saxe-Weimar and Eisenach as stipulated in Walther’s will. The Grand Duchess…  
18. Goethe and Schiller Archive  
… Sophie had the oldest literature archive in Germany built to preserve handwritten manuscripts by Goethe and Schiller. The stocks in the library are available for research purposes – either in the original…  
19. Goethe walking trail  
Goethe trail  
20. fountains - Goethe's House Fountain  
Goethe's House Fountain The group of figures featuring Hercules and Antaeus is a baroque original and shows Hercules wrestling the Libyan giant Antaeus. Being the son of the Earth, whenever Antaeus touched the ground…  
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