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21. Classical Weimar  
… Tiefurt, and Ettersburg with their extensive parks, and the Historic Cemetery. Preservation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site The UNESCO World Heritage site "Classical Weimar" encompasses eleven…  
22. The Bauhaus comes from Weimar  
… this is where the Bauhaus movement was founded in 1919. Today, the building is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  
23. Contact - weimar GmbH  
… here weimar GmbH Gesellschaft für Wirtschaftsförderung, Kongress- und Tourismusservice UNESCO-Platz 1 99423 Weimar  
24. Classical Weimar - Classical Weimar  
…Classical Weimar Classical WeimarThe UNESCO World Heritage site "Classical Weimar" encompasses eleven building complexes and individual buildings.  
25. Visit Weimar. Discover the world. - Weimar. For culture discoverers  
… Goethe and Schiller, Bach, Liszt and Gropius. Be excited and surprised from this small pearl with UNESCO World Heritage title.  
26. The Bauhaus comes from Weimar  
… of 1996 the Bauhaus Sites in Weimar and Dessau were included as part of the World Heritage Sites by UNESCO on the grounds that "the Bauhaus buildings in Weimar and Dessau represent the so calles…  
27. Bauhaus-Universität Weimar - World Heritage alive  
… heritage. In 1996, the »Bauhaus Sites in Weimar and Dessau« were officially added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage. In Weimar these include: - the university’s Main Building (birthplace of the…  
28. Bauhaus Sites  
… Manifesto, Walter Gropius, 1918 - Other sites related to the Bauhaus, but do not belong to UNESCO World Heritage. Those pages are partly available in German only.   
29. Travel Deals  
… Weimar for groups Weimar and its neighbouring towns: trips in the footsteps of the poets or along the UNESCO World Heritage Site - all ready organised. weimar card The weimar card* lets you take part in a guided…  
30. Tiefurt Park  
… define the park landscape were planted in this period. Tiefurt Mansion and Park were listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1998. Tiefurt Park covers an area of 21 hectares on both sides of the Ilm.…  
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