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51. Goethe national museum - Opening hours  
Opening hours till 28 March: Tue - Sun 9:30am - 4pm 29 March to 30 October: Tue - Sun 9:30am - 6pm 31 October - end of year: Tue - Sun 9:30am - 4pm Closed on Mon Advance booking regulation at  
52. Palais Schardt - Palais Schardt with Goethe-Pavillon  
…Palais Schardt with Goethe-Pavillon  
53. Classical Weimar: the Golden Age of Weimar  
Goethe's walk A walk in 5 acts through Goethe's Weimar: 90 minutes - 5 Goethe's houses - 1 postman This tour is available in German only.  
54. Guided tour through historic old town  
…  ... For me, Goethe's garden house in particular is a magical place that always radiates a great fascination to its visitors." City guide and Goethe specialist Katrin Hofmann  
55. Classical Weimar: the Golden Age of Weimar  
… of Weimar witnessed a remarkable cultural flowering, attracting many writers and scholars, notably Goethe and Schiller. Belvedere Castle Goethe's Residence and the National Museum Park Belvedere and the…  
56. Made in Weimar  
Goethe Menu Petra Hermann has drawn inspiration from the recipe books of the Goethe family and other Weimar personalities to collate her own menu.  
57. Wine fest  
… Drink a toast to Goethe Surrounding Goethe's birthday on 28 August, this year's Wine Festival will be celebrated at Marktplatz - organised by the Thüringische Landeszeitung with municipal support. The jovial wine…  
58. Palais Schardt  
…The Palais Schardt with its Goethe Pavillon is a privatly operated museum with a small café. Goethe met Charlotte von Stein here.  
59. Guided tour through historic old town  
… limited to the old town, takes you to the highlights of the classical period and to the places where Goethe, Schiller, Herder and Wieland worked. The participants receive an informative overview of Weimar's…  
60. Palais Schardt  
… The privatly operated Palais Schardt with the Goethe Pavillon is a small museum and a café. Charlotte von Stein spent her childhood and youth here. It was also the place where she met Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.  …  
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