Bauhaus 2023
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100 Years of the Bauhaus Exhibition

Weimar celebrates!
100 years ago in the summer of 1923, the Bauhaus in Weimar presented itself to a broad public with its first exhibition: The centrepiece of the show was the  Haus Am Horn, an experimental building that united the revolutionary ideas in design, living together and architecture. Weimar is using the anniversary as an opportunity to celebrate with exhibitions, festival weeks in August 2023 and a Bauhaus parade. An opening festival will be held from 30 March to 1 April 2023.

100 Years of Haus Am Horn
On the site where an entire Bauhaus housing estate was later to be built, Haus Am Horn, which was erected in just four months 100 years ago, is now a reminder of the new beginnings. As a prototype of new building and new ideas of living together, the one-storey experimental house is the focus of the anniversary celebrations. Planned for a family of three to four, bright, with a large garden and modern household appliances, the building challenges everything familiar. No bay windows, no ornaments, only straight lines - the form is subordinate to the function. The interior also remains simple. Parts of it are still design classics today. Five small rooms including kitchen, bathroom and pantry are grouped around the living room, conceived as a space for meeting and a focal point. Based on the exhibition idea in 1923, all rooms today convey the impression of the original furnishing situation with reconstructions of the former furniture.