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On the Ilm Valley Cycle Route you'll experience a wealth of cultural attractions, yet never be far from scenic countryside.

Cycle route planner Thuringia

How do you get from A to B by bike, how long is the route, which are the best trails to follow and which signposted routes are found in Thuringia? Our easy-to-use cycle route planner is the perfect companion for answers to these and other such questions (only in German).

Cycling in Weimar and surrounding

Here is an overview of cycling paths in Weimar and the sourroundings, ideas for trips as well as honts for overnight stays and refreshments. Beside that you find information over public transport, cycle retailers or garages and a map with all roues and long distanc cycling paths.

Ilm Valley Cycle Route

This is the most popular cycling trail in Thuringia. The route starts on the Rennsteig ridge walk in the Thuringian Forest and runs 125 kilometres to the mouth of the river Ilm near Grossheringen. The section around Weimar has an obvious appeal to visitors based in the town. Tiefurt House and park,…

On the Feininger Trail

He loved the villages around Weimar and used local village scenes and churches as subjects for many of his paintings. Lyonel Feininger began his career at the State Bauhaus design school in Weimar. The cycle route runs past many scenes which he painted. It includes some stretches of road.

Towns of Thuringia Cycle Route

This route takes in the most beautiful towns and tourist sights in Thuringia – some of the most important are found in Weimar and it is always well worth breaking your journey here.