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Crossing the Ilm valley with a bike

Cycling under the stars

This is the most popular cycling trail in Thuringia. The route starts on the Rennsteig ridge walk in the Thuringian Forest and runs 125 kilometres to the mouth of the river Ilm near Grossheringen. The section around Weimar has an obvious appeal to visitors based in the town. Tiefurt House and park, the Wieland Estate and Kromsdorf Palace can all be discovered by bike Nature, culture and history: 125 kilometres through the ever-changing landscape of Thuringia from the source of the Ilm to its confluence with the Saale. Castles, palaces and UNESCO World Heritage sites are dotted along the route in close succession. It is well worth taking the time to explore the local places of interest at leisure and to enjoy the Thuringian cuisine.

Bicycle packages

Weimar Tourist Information offers packages for cyclists - with or without overnight stays. You can bring your own or rent a bicycle. You cycle on idyllic paths along the river Ilm and discover sweeping landscape parks along with with the wonderful cities in the environment.


Cycle hire in Weimar

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