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From Weimar to Großkochberg

The Goethe Trail leads ramblers through 28 km of charming countryside from Weimar to Grosskochberg Castle. From 1775 to 1788 the young poet often hiked to the castle "beyond the mountains" to visit his fiancée, Charlotte von Stein. The trail starts at Wielandplatz in Weimar. The well-signposted trail, with letterboxes and stamps at various wayside points, leads ramblers through richly-varied scenery, charming villages and magnificent beech and conifer woods.

The many places of interest along the route include Buchfart's historical mill and unique hilltop castle, Neckeroda (the village of dyes), Luisenturm tower and Kochberg Castle - one of the jewels in Thuringia's crown. Goethe noted that it took him two and a half hours to make the journey on horseback. Ramblers need to allow themselves 6-8 hours. If you need to catch your breath, there are plenty of benches, picnic spots and welcoming inns along the way.