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A city tour by carriage

Goethe Gartenhaus tour

A carriage ride through the park along the Ilm River, 75 min, past the Goethe Gartenhaus, Römisches Haus, Haus am Horn (Bauhaus) and Liszt-Haus with commentary.
Price: € 135.00 (max. 5 persons)

The classic

A one-hour tour through the old town, past Goethe’s home, the Duchess Anna Amalia Library, and the Church of St Peter and St Paul, with interesting, entertaining commentary.

Culture & nature

A two-hour tour through the old town with its attractions and through the park along the Ilm River (May to October only).

Pure romanticism

1.5 hours with culinary delights


Package for 1.5 hours to/from the historic old town, incl. artificial flower decorations (white, yellow, red roses)

The Simple package: Red vis-à-vis

150,00 €

The Elegant package: Blue barouche

190,00 €

The Exclusive package: Blue-black barouche

240,00 €

The Exquisite package: White barouche

290,00 €

The Elite package: Black and red Glaslandauer carriage
340,00 €


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