Welcome to Weimar

Welcome to Weimar - TOP Weimar sights incl. a Weimar city map

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Visitor Guide 2020/2021

The Visitor Guide presents Weimar and lists the event highlights.

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Music in Weimar 2020

Discover Weimar's highlights 2020 for musiclovers 

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Accommodation Guide

All Weimar accomodations

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Bauhaus City Map

100 years of Bauhaus: the Bauhaus was one of the most important school of design of the 20th century. Where the roots of this modern movement can be found, how it took shape, what inspired and what polarised it - can be experienced most impressively in and around Weimar.

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Bauhaus Magazin

The Bauhaus Magazin is perfect to explore the Buahaus movement in Thuringia.

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Weimar in 6 languages

GB Weimar – a cultural powerhouse 

F Weimar – un pôle d’attraction culturelle
IT Weimar, il fascino della cultura

NL Weimar – culturele aantrekkingskracht

JP ワイマール–文化の大国


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Weimar in 6 languages

KOR 바이마르 SE Weimar - kulturell attraktion DK Weimar - en by med masser af kultur NO Weimar - kulturell tiltrekningskraft PL Weimar - siła przyciągania kultury CZ Výmar - přitažlivá síla kultury 

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Впечатления ПО-РУССКИ

ПО-РУССКИ - Добро пожаловать в Веймар -обзор достопримечательностей и карта Веймара


Impressions in CHINESE

CHINESE - Welcome to Weimar - TOP Weimar sights incl. a Weimar city map

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Impresiones en ESPANOL

ESPANOL - Bienvenido a Weimar - TOP atracciones en Weimar incl. mapa de la ciudad de Weimar

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Impressions in ITALIANO

ITALIANO - Benvenuti a Weimar - TOP attrazioni di Weimar incl. una mappa della città di Weimar

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Impressions in JAPANESE

JAPANESE - Welcome to Weimar - TOP Weimar attractions incl. a Weimar city map

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Impressions in PORTUGUES

PORTUGUES - Bem-vindo a Weimar - Atrações TOP Weimar incl. um mapa da cidade de Weimar

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Unesco World Heritage in Weimar

Unesco World Heritage in Weimar - lists all Unesco decorated Monuments from Classicism to modernity

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Weimar City Map with restaurants

This city plan will help you to find a suitable restaurant or cafe. Just print it out. A free copy of this map is also available at the Tourist Information Weimar.


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weimar card flyer

Discover Weimar with your weimar card!

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Bach in Thuringia

The Thuringian Bach was young and rebellious. Born into a widely-branched family tree of musicians, Johann Sebastian Bach spent half his life here. Discover his Weimar time in Thuringia.

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