Weimar for kids
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    Museum of the Earliest and Ancient History of Thuringia

    Thuringia – an important cultural region– since the very beginning of human settlements, it was the home to a mix of numerous cultures, ethnic groups and peoples such as the Celts, Germans, Slavs or Franks, which is also a reflection of early European history.

    German Bee Museum

    Honey is especially sweet when you eat it, and the wonderful world of bees is especially interesting as soon as you discover it. It is remarkable, that Weimar, the city of German Classicism is also housing the oldest German museum of bees.

    Weimar Haus

    This multimedia adventure museum depicts a journey through five millennia of Weimar history. Worlds consisting of special effects, elaborate scenery, wax figures and multimedia presentations bring history to life.

    Open Workshops

    Studiolo – workshop for young and elderly in Schiller Residence. Get hands-on experience in our workshop where we experiment with various materials. Naturally we get our ideas from Schiller, Goethe and other masters from earlier times. Just drop in!

    Audio guides for kids

    There are some audio guides for kids in Weimars museums: in the Goethe Residence and in the Schiller Residence. Please just ask them on the reception.

    Backpack Tours

    Out and about with a backpack. Would you like to go on a tour of discovery through Weimar and its parks? Just borrow one of our backpacks! Each backpack contains a booklet which will take you to all kinds of places and tell you their stories.