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weimar card

The Weimar Card* lets you take part in a guided city tour, visit numerous museums, and ride the city bus, all free of charge. It also includes discounted entry to events at the Deutsches Nationaltheater and the Kunstfest Weimar art festival.


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Weimar in 48 hours

Free of charge admission to the following museums:

Goethe Residence and Goethe National Museum (otherwise 12,50 €, the number of visitors is limited)

Goethes Gartenhaus (otherwise 6,50 €)

Schillers Residence (otherwise 8,00 €)

Ducal Vault (otherwise (4,50 €)

Wittumspalais (otherwise 6,50 €)

Belvedere Castle (otherwise 6,50 €)

Tiefurt Mansion (otherwise 6,50 €)

Municipal museum Weimar (otherwise 3,00 €)

Museum of Pre- and Ancient History (otherwise 3,50 €)

Liszt House (otherwise 4,50 €)

Roman House (otherwise 4,50 €)

Nietzsche-Archiv (otherwise 3,50 €)

Wieland Estate in Ossmannstedt (4,50)

Weimar Haus (otherwise 7,00 €)

Haus Hohe Pappeln (otherwise 3,50 €)

Park Cave (otherwise 4,50 €)

Kunsthalle Harry Graf Kessler (otherwise 3,00 €)

Palais Schardt (otherwise 3,50 €)

City tour and City Bus

free City Tour (in German only) (otherwise 8,00 €)

iGuide free of charge (otherwise 7,50 €)

City bus is free (otherwise 2,00 € for one trip)

10% discount on Belvedere Express and City-Tour

10% discount for performances at the Deutschen Nationaltheaters Weimar (except premiers and special events)

10% discount on carriage tours from Kutschbetrieb Grobe

10% discount for a bike renting at the Tourist Information Weimar

Price of the der weimar card: 29,90 €

Selling points: Tourist-Information Weimar, online, in the venues of the Klassik Stiftung Weimar and in many hotels.

The Weimar Card* is valid for 48 hours from the first use and grants one-time use of the services listed here. Please write your name and the date and time on the back of the card before using it for the first time. It also comes with an accompanying booklet with map and explanations. There is no Weimar Card for children, because entry to the museums run by the Klassik Stiftung Weimar foundation is free for children under 16 years. No personal data will be collected or stored when you use the Weimar Card.

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