Roads to Weimar

Not all roads lead to Weimar, it’s true, but being located in central Germany certainly helps! It used to take Goethe two full days to get from Frankfurt to Weimar; these days the journey can be done in two hours.

by car and bus

... you are always on the right way. Weimar is situated in Thuringis- in the middle of Germany. The motorways A4 and A9 are not far away...

A44 motorway Dresden–Frankfurt am Main; Weimar exit5km/3 miles away from the town centre

Erfurt exit: 20km/12 miles away

Jena exit: 20km/12 miles away

Wartburg Castle (just outside Eisenach) is 75km/47 miles away A9 motorway Berlin–Munich30km/19 miles from Hermsdorfer Kreuz intersection B7 Kassel–Eisenach–Erfurt–Weimar–Jena–Gera B85 Bayreuth–Kulmbach–Kronach–Saalfeld–Rudolstadt–Weimar–Kyffhäuser (‘beer and castle road’)

by train

... you can choose between regional trains or the fast ICE train. Whatever - it will always be a pleasure to arrive at Weimar station.

IntercityExpress: Frankfurt-Weimar-Leipzig-Dresden
IntercityExpress: Frankfurt-Weimar-Berlin

Out and about by rail
Take advantage of rail operator Deutsche Bahn’s special offers for your excursions into Weimar’s surroundings. Make sure you find out how long your tickets are valid for.

Hopper Ticket:
Return journey
Valid for an individually specified route for a distance of up to 50km/31 miles
Price: € 7,00

Thuringia Ticket:
Free travel as often as you require and as far as you wish for up to 5 people (or parents/grandparents with any number of their own children aged up to 14)
Ticket price: €29

by plane

...not directly. The nearest airport is Erfurt and there are good train connections from Leipzig or Frankfurt Airport too.

Weimar Umpferstedt Airport (open to general aviation up to 2 tons)

Erfurt-Weimar  Airport (25km/16 miles away)

Leipzig Airport (120 km/75 miles away)

Frankfurt Airport (300 km/185 miles away)

Please visit the local websites of you airline to check connections, arrival or departure times. March 2017