Musentempel at Tiefurt Park. Foto: Gert Lange

Treasures of Weimar

Palaces and parks, museums and monuments - the list of Weimars sights is splendidly long. Here you find the overview and a short description of all of them. In addition we show you how to discover Weimar as its best. 

guided tours

guided tours

Small but great: museums, palaces, parks and gardens- to discover Weimar's past means discover Germany's history and culture. There are many ways to do so.

Goethe's Home

Weimar Museums

To visit every museum in Weimar – you need a lot of time. In a city of 65.000 inhabitants we have more than 20 museums.

Goethe & Schiller monument

Top Ten in Weimar

What can you, should you, and is worthwhile seeing, experiencing or tasting while you are here? Here are ten suggestions that can be modified...

Anna Amalia Bibliothek

UNESCO World Heritage

Weimar has as many as two entries in UNESCO’s World Heritage List: Classical Weimar and Bauhaus Sites in Weimar and Dessau. 


parks & gardens

"Weimar is a park containing a town", a fitting way to describe the spectacular natural beauty that Weimar radiates.


weimar card

Safe with the weimarCard. the Weimar card allows reduced or even free admission to museums, exhibitions and much more. March 2017