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Weimar Art Festival - Kunstfest Weimar

Music, theatre, dance, exhibitions

Central Germany’s largest festival for contemporary art combines music and theatre, dance and visual arts, literature and art in public areas. The Kunstfest Weimar is both the climax and conclusion of the Weimar Summer. International artists from Germany and other countries reside in Weimar and present their new and exciting works and programs. In very different ways, the guest performances address the many subjects inherent in the city of Weimar with its multifarious history.

Artists close up

Last but not least, the Kunstfest is also a “Fest”, or celebration – so it is a good opportunity involve the audience and the artists, the citizens of Weimar and tourists, the younger and the older spectators in a dialogue. You can experience the artists of the festival close up at the Festival Centre on Theater Square, find out more about the program, or just enjoy the last hours of the day.

Weimar not only stands for cultural heritage, Weimar is also up-to-the minute. So we will be presenting contemporary artistic positions which in their various ways take up the numerous themes worthy of Weimar's name. The programme includes contemporary dance as well as theatre plays, exhibitions as well as concerts, all inviting you to look, listen and perhaps even join in and dance. Many of the projects that we have developed specially for Weimar may well enable you to see the city from a new perspective.



August 23th to September 10th, 2023