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University of Music FRANZ LISZT

Tradition since 1872

Based in the home-town of German Classicism and rich in tradition, the University of Music FRANZ LISZT Weimar is an institution of higher education for young musicians, academics, and ambassadors of music from across the entire globe. It is indebted to the legacy of Franz Liszt, who successfully combined in his person composer, virtuoso, ensemble musician, pedagogue, and pensive philosopher. The institution aims to compete with the world’s most renowned music academies.

The envisaged outcome of an education at Weimar is the ideal artistic, academic, and pedagogic personality — a figure expressed equally well in performance, musical research, and music mediation. Such a person has at its command a pool of general knowledge regarding the world’s and Europe’s cultural heritage, and holds deep insights into contemporary culture. They are confident music entrepreneurs, active in diverse areas; they have obtained the skills necessary to be successful in the international cultural sphere. 




app. 750

String instruments and Harp, Wind and Brass Instruments and Percussion, Conducting and Opera Coaching, Vocal Study and Theatre, Guitar, Piano and Accordeon, Early music, Contemporary Music and Jazz, Music Education and Church Music, Musicology 


Hochschule für Musik FRANZ LISZT Weimar
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