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Sustainable Weimar

Welcome to Weimar, the city of poets and philosophers! Immerse yourself in a world of culture, history, and nature while minimizing your environmental footprint. Here are some tips on how to make your trip to Weimar more sustainable.

Eco-friendly accommodations

Choose from a variety of environmentally certified hotels and guesthouses that are committed to sustainable tourism. Enjoy your stay with a clear conscience.

Organic or regional cuisine

Explore the culinary diversity of Weimar in the numerous organic restaurants and cafés. Try local, seasonal, and organic dishes that will please both your palate and the environment.

Sustainable Souvenirs and Shopping

Support local artisans and artists by buying handmade souvenirs. These are not only unique, but also produced in an environmentally friendly way. 

Green Oases

Discover Weimar's beautiful parks and gardens, like the Park on the River Ilm. Enjoy the period landscaping and charge your batteries in this green paradise.

Bicycle Rental

Take in the picturesque beauty of Weimar on a bike. Rent a bike and explore the city and its surroundings carbon-free and at your own pace.

Education & Awareness

Inspire yourself about sustainable tourism and share your knowledge with others to collectively make a positive impact.

Cultural Discoveries

Visit Weimar's historic sites and museums, including the Goethe House and the Schiller Museum. Learn more about the city's cultural significance and its past.

Cultural Events

Find out early about the many cultural events taking place during your visit to Weimar. You don't have to travel far to experience a memorable concert or a first-class exhibition.

Public transport

Use Weimar's well-developed public transport network to get around comfortably and protect the environment at the same time. With the weimar card you can use the city buses for free.