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Barely a week goes by without some festival or exciting event taking place in Weimar. Classical concerts, plays on stage and in the open air and many exhibitions at Weimar's museums. Even more convivial are our markets and fairs


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Deutsches Nationaltheater Weimar

Whether classics or modern theatre: The repertoire of Weimar's Deutsches Nationaltheater is enormous. This year FAUST I and II, Hamlet or Fidelio are on stage.

26. January to 19. May 2019

Ernst Hardt

The Stadtmuseum Weimar will dedicate an exhibition to the poet, translator, theatre intendant and radio pioneer Ernst Hardt, whose work intriguingly connects the National Assembly and the Bauhaus.

10. bis 24. März 2019

Weimarer Reden

Aus den politischen Umwälzungen vor 100 Jahren erwuchs eine neue Art der Weltbetrachtung. Die Vision vom ›Neuen Menschen‹ durchdrang die ästhetischen und politischen Debatten. Auch die Weimarer Reden widmen sich im Jubiläumsjahr dieser Thematik.

21 March to 27 March 2020

The Bauhaus in the case-files

The state archive of Thuringia presents the original documents of the Bauhaus.

1. April to 29. September 2019

See the Witnesses

For several years, the Weimar photographer Thomas Müller portrayed former prisoners of the Buchenwald concentration camp. For the opening of the Bauhaus anniversary year, large-format photo portraits in public areas are meant to be both a confrontation and an invitation to pause and reflect.

from 6. April 2019

The Bauhaus is from Weimar

The exhibition at the new bauhaus museum weimar will offer an adequate presentation format for one of the most important Bauhaus collections in the country and the oldest Bauhaus holdings in the world, for which Walter Gropius himself picked out the core collection.

from 6. April 2019

Departure into Modernism

The Neues Museum Weimar will be re-opened for the opening of the neues bauhaus museum. In its permanent exhibition, it will focus on the pioneers of the Bauhaus, from the Weimar Painting School up to Henry van de Velde.

6. April 2019

Ballet Performance

The tradition of Bauhaus dance will be revived at the Deutsches Nationaltheater Weimar for the opening of the new bauhaus museum. A co-production with the Stuttgart Ballet.

12. April to 5. May 2019

Thuringia Bach Festival

The Thuringia Bach Festival is the largest festival of classical music in the Free State of Thuringia. Specialising in Baroque music and performing the works of Johann Sebastian Bach and his sons in authentic sites, the festival appeals to music lovers and tourists alike.

12. April 2019

Republic of Spirits

The Weimar universities will celebrate their Bauhaus Fest with interesting subjects surrounding the motto “Republic of Spirits”. It is embedded in the Bauhaus Colloquium that will be held from April 10-13.

28. April 2019

Bauhaus Marathon

Als integralem Teil modernen Lebens hatte das Bauhaus stets eine enge Bindung zum Sport. Dies entsprechend zu würdigen, soll mit der Ausrichtung eines internationalen Bauhaus Marathons zum Ausdruck kommen.

9 May to 23 June 2019

Köstritzer Spiegelzelt

Almost seven weeks of top-notch entertainment in intimate surroundings. At the Köstritzer Spiegelzelt - a mirror marquee in Weimar, guests can expect superb concerts and fun-packed variety evenings together with fine food and drink.

19.04. - 09.09.2018

200th birthday of Grand Duke Carl Alexander

On the occasion of his 200th birthday, Weimar honors Grand Duke Carl Alexander with readings, a concert night and a magnificent court festival.

02 June 2018

The Night of Museums

The temples of culture and history will be opened until late in the night. Inhabitants as well as tourists or culture vultures can join the stream of visitors to visit all museums in Weimar until midnight.

17 May to 27 May 2018

Pentecost Festival at Ettersburg Palace

Historic and classic music, jazz, literature, theatre, philosophy: this festival takes place at historic Ettersburg Palace.

8. June to 22. September 2019

From Shirts to Sack Dresses

The special exhibition at the Stadtmuseum Weimar will show women’s fashion between the Goethe- and the Bauhaus-eras.

21 June 2018

Fête de la Musique

Weimar celebrates a midsummer night festival after French example with music in every street.

22. June 2019

Bauhaus Ball

The Thuringian Dance Academy has put on many a magical ball with excellent dance bands during for nearly twenty years.

30 June 2018

Concert by night 2018

Starting off with the audiences’ favourite: the Staatskapelle Weimar will perform on the floating stage songs of your choice. The audience will take its seats on the terraces or sit on the grass surrounding the reflecting pool of the Weimarhalle.

9. to 14. July 2019

Bach Biennale Weimar

At the Bach Biennale Weimar, Bach’s music can be heard and experienced at the authentic and historic venues in the Bach City of Weimar. In preparation for the anniversary year, the close relationship between the Bauhaus Masters and Johann Sebastian Bach will be explored.

11. bis 14. Juli 2019

summaery 2019

Die Bauhaus-Universität Weimar feiert in der ganzen Stadt mit ihrer Jahresschau den Sommer. Erfolgreiche Abschluss- und Studienprojekte, Ausstellungen, Performances, Lesungen und Präsentationen.

13. Juli 2019

laut und draußen

Die Open-Air-Party im Weimarhallenpark: Auf der Seebühne treffen sich aktuell angesagte Künstler und feiern mit dem Publikum die Sommernacht.

13. till 27. July 2019

60. Weimar Meister Courses

Every summer musicians, professors, students and guests pilgrim to Weimar to produce and experience the lively classical scene on the streets and squares, and in the halls and salons.

19. July till 25. August 2019

Tiefurt Summer Theater

The background is the castle park in Tiefurt, the open-air stage, the theatre pieces as light as the summer breeze. Every year the focus of the performances is an original production. The Lyric Opera Studio Weimar also gives guest performances here.

09. till 11. August 2019

Genius Loci Weimar

International artists audio-visually approach the Weimar legend under the title “Genius Loci” and use the facades of historical buildings for their precisely fitted projections of huge pictures.

16. August till 17. November 2019

Speach renewal!

At the Bauhaus, experiments with speech were just as elementary and compositional as those with colors, forms and building materials. The ACC-Gallery calls for: Speech Renewal! And brings contemporary literates, lyricists and other writers and artists to Weimar.

17 August to 2 September 2018

Weimar Art Festival

The new Art Festival in Weimar is held every year in August and September. Large numbers of visitors enjoy four weeks of superb cultural events ranging from music, theatre and dance to fine arts and film.

26. - 29. September 2019

Triennale of Modernism

Based on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of modernism in Weimar, Dessau and Berlin, the “Triennale of Modernism” programme aims to build a supraregional network of modernism and raise greater public awareness of the buildings and avant-garde relationships of the early 20th century.

12 October 2019 to 12 January 2020

Mathilde von Freytag-Loringhoven (1860–1941)

This special exhibition is about an artist and a writer Methilde von Freytag-Loringhoven, who criticised the Bauhaus movement as too radical for the bourgeois artists.