Highlights in WeimarSummer in Weimar

Barely a week goes by without some festival or exciting event taking place in Weimar. Classical concerts, plays on stage and in the open air and many exhibitions at Weimar's museums. Even more convivial are our markets and fairs


April 1, 2019 to December 31, 2020

See the Witnesses

For several years, the Weimar photographer Thomas Müller portrayed former prisoners of the Buchenwald concentration camp. For the opening of the Bauhaus anniversary year, large-format photo portraits in public areas are meant to be both a confrontation and an invitation to pause and reflect.

October 1, 2019 - December 31, 2020

The Gauforum in Weimar - An Heir to the Third Reich

The exhibition documents the history of the creation and use of the largest inner-city building ensemble of National Socialism: the only largely completed "Gauforum" in Germany.

8 February - 26 April 2020

Enrico Freytag "MONO"

An exhibition with works of the Weimar artist and graduates of the Bauhaus University Weimar Enrico Freitag.

February 14 - June 14, 2020


A special exhibition about Nietzsche in the series “Nietzsche Superstar. A Tour of Modernism”

March 13 - May 3, 2020

About language and image and typographic art

The scholarship holders of the 25th International Studio Program of the ACC Gallery and the City of Weimar. The artists refer to the border areas between visual art and written and spoken words in order to transform words as images into new works of a word-image-art.

28 March - 28 June 2020

Nietzsche reads. Books and readings of Nietzsche

The new permanent exhibition introduces a way of thinking about Nietzsche and summarizes the reception in art, architecture, music and philosophy. The cult around the thinker, which originated in Weimar, is equally comprehensible as the work of the archivist Elisabeth Förster-Nietzsche.


Thuringia Bach Festival

The Thuringia Bach Festival is the largest festival of classical music in the Free State of Thuringia. Specialising in Baroque music and performing the works of Johann Sebastian Bach and his sons in authentic sites, the festival appeals to music lovers and tourists alike.

3 April - 2 August 2020


"Entering Germany" - Images from the everyday life of a US soldier during the 2nd World War. The veteran of the US Army and famous photographer Tony Vaccaro documented the entering of his division from France to Germany with a private camera.

16 April - 19 April 2020

4th Int. children's and youth choir festival "StimmenKlangRaum"

We will bring music into the city: in 2020 the schola cantorum weimar invites you to the 4th Int. children's and youth choir festival "StimmenKlangRaum" with international choirs. Concerts are planned in churches, in the Weimarhalle, and on the Theaterplatz.

24 April 2020

Premiere: The return of Odysseus

Monteverdi's early baroque masterpiece is a gripping drama full of allegories, mythological heroes and gods, which are brought to life with colourful music and still deeply touching today.

24. April bis 28. Juni 2020 (derzeit geschlossen)

Von Delacroix bis Warhol. Schenkungen von Wilhelm Winterstein

40 Aquarelle und Zeichnungen von Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Tischbein über Eugéne Delacroix bis hin zu George Sand umfassen die Schenkungen des Münchner Sammlers und Mäzen Wilhelm Winterstein. Im Dialog mit 30 weiteren Werken werden Zusammenhänge aus Bestand und Schenkung hergestellt.

30 April 2020


Based on an idea by JEROME ROBBINS· Script by ARTHUR LAURENTS Music by LEONARD BERNSTEIN · Song texts by STEPHEN SONDHEIM The world premiere was staged and choreographed by JEROME ROBBINS A production with Weimar adolescents, the DNT opera chorus and ensemble

1st of May 2020

Celebrate the 1st of May in Weimar: flea market in the old town or Festival of the bridge Sternbrücke in the Park on the River Ilm.

7 May 2020

Film Concert with Live-Music "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari"

This expressionist silent film classic tells the story of the mad Dr. Caligari, who terrorizes a city. A real horror highlight in film history - topped by the live music played by the Staatskapelle Weimar under the direction of Frank Strobel.


Köstritzer Spiegelzelt

Das Köstritzer Spiegelzelt 2020 ist wegen der Ausbreitung des Corona-Virus leider komplett abgesagt. Das siebenwöchige Festival hätte am 7. Mai 2020 begonnen. Zum Verfahren mit bereits gekauften Tickets lesen Sie bitte weiter.

May 6 - July 20, 2020

Modernist companions. Magda Langenstrass-Uhlig and Ella Bergmann-Michel

The exhibition presents two companions of the avant-garde, whose artistic path begins in Weimar. Both artists, Magda Langenstraß-Uhlig and Ella Bergmann-Michel, spent decisive years of their education at the Grand Ducal Saxon Academy of Fine Arts in Weimar.


The Night of Museums

The temples of culture and history will be opened until late in the night. Inhabitants as well as tourists or culture vultures can join the stream of visitors to visit all museums in Weimar until midnight.

15 May - 9 August 2020

A Kids Headquarters

The ACC Gallery as a temporary representation of interests of the youngest generation shows current, artistic, documentary and historical positions and testimonies of children's right to a say and understanding of democracy, self-determination and political passion.

May 16 - August 23, 2020

Alfred Ahner as chronicler of the state of Thuringia from 1920 to 1952

"I must... show people their own reflection." Alfred Ahner, as a close observer of his environment, handed down a unique and extensive political picture chronicle. He succinctly documented the upheavals of the 1920s in Weimar, then the capital of the Free State of Thuringia.

28 May to 8 June 2020

Pentecost Festival at Ettersburg Palace

Old and classical music, hits, jazz, pop, literature, theatre and philosophy can be experienced during Whitsun Week and Pentecost Weekend at Schloss Ettersburg. An impressive crossover programme is offered.

29 May - 1 June 2020

21. Weimar spring days for contemporary music

A festival programme of music, tones, sounds and all sorts of other sonorous transformations make it possible to experience the great variety of styles of contemporary new music in Weimar.

May 31 - Septmeber 7, 2020

Weimar Organ Summer

Since 1953, weekly organ concerts have been held every year between Pentecost and the Harvest Festival at the place where Luther and Herder preached and Johan Sebastian Bach went out and in.

19 June - 17 July 2020

Open-air Summer Theatre

In the Open-Air Summer Theatre "How Do I Love Thee?", Shakespeare uses the whole keyboard of love confusions and sudden twists. He creates one of the most beautiful summer comedies about happiness and suffering, whose lightness comes from the knowledge that the next winter will certain come.

21 June 2020

Fête de la Musique

Weimar celebrates a midsummer night festival after French example with music in every street.

9 - 12 July 2020

summaery 2020

The Bauhaus University Weimar is celebrating summer with its annual review throughout the city. Successful final and study projects, exhibitions, performances, readings and presentations.

July 11th, 2020

loud and outside

The open-air party at Weimarhallenpark: On the lake stage, the hippest musicians meet and celebrate the summer night together with the audience.

July 17 - August 1, 2020

61. Weimar Meister Courses

Every summer musicians, professors, students and guests pilgrim to Weimar to produce and experience the lively classical scene on the streets and squares, and in the halls and salons.

18 July 2020

Concert by night

Starting off with the audiences’ favourite: the Staatskapelle Weimar will perform on the floating stage songs of your choice. The audience will take its seats on the terraces or sit on the grass surrounding the reflecting pool of the Weimarhalle.

July 18 - August 9, 2020

Tiefurt Summer Theater

The background is the castle park in Tiefurt, the open-air stage, the theatre pieces as light as the summer breeze. Every year the focus of the performances is an original production. The Lyric Opera Studio Weimar also gives guest performances here.

18 July - 22 August 2020

Yiddish Summer Weimar

Yiddish Summer Weimar celebrates the rich Yiddish culture! This popular event includes workshops over several days that are an opportunity to learn more about yiddish songs, dances, the Yiddish language and instrumental Klezmer music.

26. August to 12. September 2020

Weimar Art Festival

The new Art Festival in Weimar is held every year in August and September. Large numbers of visitors enjoy four weeks of superb cultural events ranging from music, theatre and dance to fine arts and film.

28 August - 29 November 2020

German Romanticism. Master Drawings from the Graphic Collections

For the first time in cooperation with the Kunstfest Weimar, the Klassik Stiftung Weimar will open an exhibition on 28 August 2020, presenting sketched masterpieces from the Romantic period including numerous colourfully painted aquarelles.

September 4-6, 2020

Genius Loci Weimar

International artists audio-visually approach the Weimar legend under the title “Genius Loci” and use the facades of historical buildings for their precisely fitted projections of huge pictures.

12 September - 8 November 2020

Martin Neubert

Painting and ceramic objects. An exhibition of the work of the Weimar artist Martin Neubert. The opening of the exhibition will take place on 11 September at 5 p.m. in the presence of the artist.

21st of Sept 2019

Days of open studios

The Cultural Directorate of the City of Weimar is organising the Day of open studios on 21st of September 2019. Sculptors, painters, graphic artists, artisans, photographers, media artists and designers invite visitors to their studios and workshops to gain an insight into their current work.

4-8 November 2020

33. New Music Days in Weimar

The oldest festival of contemporary music in Thuringia celebrates the 40th anniversary of the Ensemble für Intuitive Musik Weimar, which has performed in 30 countries on four continents. Specialising in chamber music with live electronics, it links up with the synaesthetic impulses of the Bauhaus in...

21 November 2020 - 10 January 2021

"Transition." Figures and sculptures by Benedikt Solga. Forms and models in wood by Peter Broda.

In 2020, the Stadtmuseum Weimar is showing works by two artists who could not be more different, but whose works would hardly have been possible without the influence of the Bauhaus: Benedikt Solga and Peter Broda.

28 november 2020 - 24 January 2021

Claus Bach

An exhibition of Claus Bach