Highlights in WeimarSummer in Weimar

Barely a week goes by without some festival or exciting event taking place in Weimar. Classical concerts, plays on stage and in the open air and many exhibitions at Weimar's museums. Even more convivial are our markets and fairs


Lyonel Feininger - on the road by bike

The exhibition shows around 40 drawings and prints from the rich Bauhaus collection of the Klassik Stiftung Weimar that deal with Feininger's love of nature, Thuringian villages and churches: Gelmeroda, Mellingen, Lehnstedt and Tröbsdorf.

April 17th - August 29th 2021

“I hate nature!” Human, Nature, Future

The exhibition in the Schiller Museum sets a strong counterpoint to the idyllic Weimar parks. Threatening, controllable, fascinating - nature encounters man in many ways. We ourselves are nature and yet we want to be something else: more than it, not at its mercy, admiring and using it.

April 17th - October 13th 2021

Forms of Nature - Art Nouveau Ceramics by Henry van de Velde

Flowers, shells or insects meant essential inspiration for the Belgian art reformer Henry vande Velde. Many of his works are derived from impressions from nature. Henry van de Velde's vases are reminiscent of the bodies of jellyfish or squid.

Music on Monday in Tiefurt

The traditional Monday concerts will start a new musical season in 2021. For the first time, classical music will be heard outdoors. The garden in front of St. Christopher's Church under the apple trees with birdsong and evening atmosphere provides the ideal backdrop. The schedule is deliberately...

June 1st to August 1st, 2021

Berthold Paul Förster (1853-1925). A Weimar landscape painter

Berthold Paul Förster played a special role among painters who shaped 19th century Weimar art. He was not only a successful visual artist, but also secretary of the Weimar School of Art.

June 18th till August 22nd 2021

Summer theatre "As you like it"

Shakespeare uses the whole range of love confusion, role-playing, confusion and abrupt twists and turns to create one of the most beautiful summer comedies about happiness and heartbreak, whose lightness is fed by the knowledge that the next winter is to come for sure.

Beginning of July until October 10th 2021

CitySkyliner Weimar

Explore Weimar on foot first from a familiar perspective. At the end of the city tour, let yourself be taken up with the CitySkyliner, a mobile observation tower, which has a height of 81 meters, to see what you have seen before and all the highlights of Weimar and its surroundings from above.

July 8th - 25th, 2021

Tiefurt Summer Theatre

The setting is the island on the Ilm, the stage is outdoors, the plays as light as the summer. What the music-loving Duchess Anna Amalia did with great passion 200 years ago at her summer residence in Tiefurt - putting on theatre and concerts with artists - is taking place again summer after summer...

July 16th - 31st, 2021

61. Weimar Master Classes

Every summer musicians, professors, students and guests pilgrim to Weimar to produce and experience the lively classical scene on the streets and squares, and in the halls and salons.

Summer theatre "La finta giardiniera"

The ensemble takes the audience to a tropical island paradise with the Mozart opera "La finta giardiniera", in which the characters circle around each other in search of great love and lustfully explore their own and others' boundaries in an exchange of emotions.

mid of July till August 21st, 2021

Yiddish Summer Weimar

Yiddish Summer Weimar celebrates the rich Yiddish culture! This popular event includes workshops over several days that are an opportunity to learn more about yiddish songs, dances, the Yiddish language and instrumental Klezmer music. All workshops in 2021 will take place outdoors.

July 30th to August 28th 2021

Weimar Film Summer

A cinematic view beyond the end of one's nose is on offer in August. Films from France, Poland and Germany are offered at different locations in the city - mostly open-air.

July 3rd and 18th, August 1st and 14th 2021

Weimar Gardening Delight

Classical music, jazz and culinary delights at the Orangerie Bevledere Enjoy the ambience of the Orangerie Belvedere with musical accompaniment. Classical music at the Orangery with "Resonanz": Krisztián Halmos, clarinet and Vincent Yehudin, double bass. Jazz with Volker Dahms and Steffen...

August 11th to 15th 2021

The History of Mankind - An Open Air Theatre

The history of mankind in one evening? Okay, why not! Without fear of spectacular panoramas, helplessly tumbling through the ages and with astonishing courage for gigantic gaps, 4 players* take to a stage under the open sky at the German Bee Museum in Weimar.

August 21th 2021

Project Unplugged - Tour of happy moments 2021

For more than ten years they have been playing in selected venues and this year they are playing their new Glücksmomente tour for the first time in Weimar on the Seebühne, because we can all really use moments of happiness right now.

August 25th to September 11th 2021

Weimar Art Festival

The Art Festival Kunstfest Weimar is held every year in August and September. Large numbers of visitors enjoy four weeks of superb cultural events ranging from music, theatre and dance to fine arts and film.

August 26th 2021

Anna Mateur on the water stage in the Weimarhallenpark

The Köstritzer Spiegelzelt presents "Anna Mateur & The Beuys" on the water stage in the Weimarhallenpark. She dances. She sings. She spontaneously. Anna Mateur is this magnificent, wondrous apparition who puts everything in the shade with her fabulous vocal volume.

August 27th 2021

Maybebop on the water stage in the Weimarhallenpark

The Köstritzer Spiegelzelt presents "Maybebop" on the water stage in the Weimarhallenpark. Four guys. Four microphones. German lyrics. Best entertaiment. No one can resist their disarmingly unaffected manner and their joy of playing. Their ambiguous songs catch the ear and take a stand.

August 28th 2021

Rainald Grebe & Fortuna Ehrenfeld on the water stage in the Weimarhallenpark

The Köstritzer Spiegelzelt presents "Rainald Grebe and Fortuna Ehrenfeld" on the water stage in the Weimarhallenpark. They give each other a run for their money and let the pop dog off the leash. A well-rehearsed bunch presents a great treasure of the finest pop music.

August 29th 2021

Götz Alsmann on the water in the Weimarhallenpark

The Köstritzer Spiegelzelt presents Götz Alsmann on the water stage in the Weimarhallenpark. After his musical excursions to Paris, New York and Rome, the king of jazz is once again dedicating himself to the works of the great composers and lyricists of the German-speaking world.

July 15th 2021

"What does the universe have to do with me?" Lecture by Prof. Dr Harald Lesch

Astrophysicist Prof. Dr Harald Lesch has already been present in Weimar on the trail of Goethe's natural philosophy. Now he is giving a lecture at the Platz der Demokratie under a cosmic canopy of stars on no less a question than "What does the universe have to do with me?" In German.

21st of Sept 2019

Days of open studios

The Cultural Directorate of the City of Weimar is organising the Day of open studios on 21st of September 2019. Sculptors, painters, graphic artists, artisans, photographers, media artists and designers invite visitors to their studios and workshops to gain an insight into their current work.

September 22th - 25th, 2021

33. New Music Days in Weimar

The oldest festival of contemporary music in Thuringia celebrates the 40th anniversary of the Ensemble für Intuitive Musik Weimar, which has performed in 30 countries on four continents. Specialising in chamber music with live electronics, it links up with the synaesthetic impulses of the Bauhaus in...

September 19th 2021

Open-Air Ball - Dance in spite of Corona

Thüringer Tanz-Akademie and Theater im Gewölbe invite you to an open-air ball on the market square. The ball will be accompanied musically by the Moonlight Orchestra, with show dances and shows framing the ball rounds. Every ball guest will receive a pin in the tradition of historical dance tokens.

September 23rd 2021 to January 16th 2022

Landscapes in Light. The Impressionist Ludwig von Gleichen-Rußwurm

The exhibition shows the European world at the end of the 19th century and reflects in summery garden and agricultural landscapes a nature that is still in harmony with man despite the technical upheavals of the time.

September 24th - 26th 2021

Genius Loci Weimar

International artists audio-visually approach the Weimar legend under the title “Genius Loci” and use the facades of historical buildings for their precisely fitted projections of huge pictures.

Octobre 27th to November 7th, 2021

International FRANZ LISZT Piano Competition Weimar-Bayreuth

International FRANZ LISZT Piano Competition Weimar-Bayreuth

September 30th 2021

Forced labour as a public social crime

The Museum of Forced Labour under National Socialism is being built in the former Gauforum in Weimar. Nazi forced labour was a public crime. The open pop-up forum "In Gesellschaft." at the future museum location seeks answers and creates new spaces for thinking.

Martin Kohlstedt FLUR Tour

Martin Kohlstedt "Flur Tour"

The new Martin Kohlstedt album FLUR was released in November 2020 on Warner Classics. The accompanying tour takes the pianist through Europe in February and March. The special setup of grand piano, synthesizers and electronica, combined with Kohlstedt's approach to recreate each concert from...