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Cobble stones and historic houses - not easy for older people with disablities. Here you find information about accessible travel in hotels, museums and some useful hints.

Guided tours

We offer guided tours for wheelers and slow walkers and a individual solution - the Iguide, here you can choose the length and speed.


Some of Weimar's museums are barrier-free. We checked them all and put the information on the following list.


The weimarhalle, the Deutsche Nationaltheater Weimar (help needed, limited space) and the culture centre "mon ami" are accessible for wheelchair users.

Public transport

Lowered buses make your journey comfortable and provide mobility in Weimar. In addition many buses are equipped with ramps.


Many of Weimar's hotels have barriere-free rooms. They also offer packages with cultural or culinray modules.


Special parking zones for disabled people (special permission needed) are reserved in the entire city centre. The list also includes suitable public restrooms.