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Gateway between administration and culture

The cultural-directorate builds the gateway between administration and the cultural institutions, societys and initiatives of the cultur city Weimar. It furthermore creates and realises ist own projects. As an administration it handles tasks like applications, stimmulating and funding culture and art, and practices concept developement. Technical lectures about the areas visual art, literature, music and socioculture support the local societys and initiatives financially, as well as through the coordination of consultations and cooperations.

Own art projects andparticipations in cooperations

The culture-directorate initiates exhibitions inside the art-hall „Harry Graf Kessler“, as well as projects in public places. Besides this it cooperates in a network of institutions and societys who organise and perform yearly projects. Some examples are the long night of the museums, the Fête de la musique, thuringian Bach-weeks, thuringian Jazzmeile, city and village church-music, a music competition of the youth and the schedule oft he traditional onion- and christmas-markets. These projects are discribed in the category „Events“.

As a partner

They furthermore host events on cultural and historical incidents. All these differnt functions of the cultural-directorate support maintaining the image and identity oft he citizen of Weimar.



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Projects and cooperations

Fête de la musique

Lange Nacht der Hausmusik

Lange Nacht der Museen


Musikschule "Johann Nepomuk Hummel"

Spielekulturfest im mon ami

Tag des offenen Ateliers


Weimarer Buchlöwe

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