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Artist's Garden - Künstlergarten

A virutless venue and blossoming garden: the Künstlergarten. With the opening of the House of the Weimar Republic, it is experiencing a renaissance - as a venue for events of all kinds, as a performance space for young bands, as a festival centre for the Kunstfest Weimar.

German Institute for Cabaret

Our goal is to make the cabaret and become big. We from the association "Deutsches Institut für Kabarett und Kleinkunst e.V." organise cabaret events in Weimar and promote art and culture regionally and nationally.


The Galli-Theatre at the Shalespeare Restaurant: fairy tales or cabaret and comedy (only for German speaking guests)

Clubtheater Weimar

a amateur theatre group at the mon ami Weimar

Palais Schardt with Goethe Pavillon

Small concerts, music or theatre performances at the Palais Schardt