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At home of Anna Amalia

After the city tour "Great female personalities" to visit the Wittumspalais. Weimar's grand duchesses, artists and Bauhaus women often stand in the shadow of the famous men. They have shaped Weimar's image, the promotion of the arts and art itself. All the attention during this city tour is devoted to them. With her politics, Grand Duchess Anna Amalia laid the foundation for Weimar as a place of museums. Her baroque city palace is a highlight of courtly salon culture. She moved into the Wittumspalais after withdrawing from political business. It was here that she cultivated her rounds of the table, which was otherwise fashionable in larger cities. After an introduction at the end of the city tour, the Wittumspalais can be visited - immediately afterwards or after a well-deserved break.

The offer is not suitable for travellers with reduced mobility.


Number of persons: max. 10 per group

Duration: 2 hours plus museum visit

Price: 190,00 €
Language surcharge: 20,00 €
Languages: German, English, Dutch, Russian, Spanish, Chinese

Zuhause bei Anna Amalia

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